Saturday, April 28, 2012

Land Again

Of course, the search for my dream land continues. I hunt every day and because I'm so eager, I have to put off looking through my myriad of lists because the same land is always there: it's down-right frustrating.

Last week, I came across a new possibility. When I see something I like and it's in my cash-only price range, I get there to check it out in person, as soon as I can. This allows me to really "see" it - especially when it's raining: filling the land with water or not. Plus, I can bring the memories of what I immediately liked and disliked up and weigh them to actualities.

Currently, it's the Labam property. I like it. It's way closer than Boistford was. Labam is east of Raymond. It's a tiny community of 160 people (2010 census - though I think 2 people moved away). There was an elementary school, but it is for sale (they sell schools?).  When stream surveying for the state, we drive past it every other week and yes, if you blink, you will miss it.

It's still pretty far from my friends in Westport. But I am wondering - can't I make new friends? I rarely see people as my life is so different than most of my good acquaintance's. And, to be honest, I really just want solitude. I'm tired of entertaining. I'd like to just wake up and 'be.'

Don't Do. Be.

So, I am seriously thinking about just going forward with buying it. I think I would be happy out there.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What is "Cob?"

While stuck in the house recovering from dental torture, I decided to spend my sunny day touring websites looking at cob houses again.

Killarney Cottage, County Kerry Ireland
As I tell people about my plans to buy land cheap, build a cob house, and live off-grid, the first thing I am asked is, "what's a cob house? a house made out of corn cobs?"

No (for the thousandth time). Cob is an old English word for 'lump.' A lump of mud.

"Mud!? You can't live in a mud house in Washington! It's too wet!"

The house shown here is Killarney Cottage in Ireland. It was built in 1834. Looks pretty good for her age, doesn't she. Many cob houses in the UK are still standing after 100+ years.

Gotta ask yourself, would your stick-built house last over 100 years?

Here's a few websites you to check out:

Minnesota Real Estate Agents think about how to sell Cob Homes

Killarney Cottage