Simple Living is the Norm

While doing my homework, I ran into a fantastic permaculture site from Australia, While I could paraphrase everything they say, I'd rather link you to their site. Below is one of their pages with regards to our wasteful lifestyles and beliefs.

Already, of course, most people in the world live the very simple self sufficient life out of necessity. The westerner lifestyle is not the norm but the exception, but its days are numbered…

With global climate changing rapidly and potable water and oil reserves waning, I can’t help thinking that frugal simple living on farms and productive urban gardens could soon be an absolute necessity for most westerners too.

Though it’s not that hard to learn to be more efficient, when it comes to resources, most of us have been conditioned to be wasteful. Waste drives economic growth. So clever marketing propaganda has convinced many that it is our birthright to squander, misuse and spoil the world’s scarce resources.

In terms of ecological footprint, the wasteful 20% in the developed world use and desecrate more than the other 80% of the world put together!!! So if you think the biggest world threat is overpopulation, think again….

Our grandparents practiced the virtue of living the frugal simple life and now it is time for us to take up the challenge. Our survival may one day depend on our ability to live simply and cut consumption! In the meantime it is the only authentic way to happiness as well as reducing our ecological footprint to become more responsible earth citizens.

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