Small House Lifestyle

Gone are my beliefs that consumption is normal; indeed, the opposite is quite true.

While I sit here, I witness people beating each other up over a "Black Friday" television - is a tv really worth fighting for? I just don't get it.

My beliefs have severely changed over the past decade and each day, my ideals become more and more simple, "I have absolutely everything I need or want." (Okay, maybe a trip to India or a cruise to the Caribbean would be nice).

My idea of a perfect home has also undergone some major thought changes. I have never really desired a huge mansion; but, I thought a 1,500 sf house would be nice. Yet, now that I am prepared for my dream home, all those realisms aren't really real at all.

I want to live free. I don't believe it is our duty to pay monthly bills or be enslaved. This comment brings a LOT of arguments from people because we are so accustomed to the belief that we HAVE to owe every month.

If I live like 99.9% of other Americans, my mandatory monthly debt will be:
  • Mortgage
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Garbage
  • Cable TV
  • Insurance on home (and auto)
  • Whatever else I'm forgetting
  • Annual property taxes (this is unavoidable, but it can be kept to a minimum)
So, how can I not pay all this money out every 30 days? In order to come to this conclusion, I asked these simple questions:
  1. How much room do I need to live comfortably?
    • This little cabin sports 190 sf.
    • Not much, really. I've lived in a 42' motorhome for almost ten years and my dog and I live a pretty comfy life. We're ready for a solid 'real' home now, so we must think bigger! 200 sf is our goal.
  2. How can I build a home cheaply and not owe anyone for it?
    • Well, that's easy. Build it piece by piece and build it small! I own my motorhome (aka moho) and can reside in it until the palace is complete. So, no rush!
  3. How much will it cost to heat my home and how will I be paying for it?
  4. If I build a home, how much will I owe the state every year in property taxes?
    • Vacant land pays the state approx $300 - $500 a year (give or take a few hundred dollars). But, drop a house of normal dimensions, say 1,200 sf, my annual taxes can go as high as $2000 a year. Now, the state of Washington is broke...why would I want to send them even more money to squander? I just don't think THAT makes sense.
Washington state has a lot of laws. It is one of the most 'lawed' states in the USA. There are laws for absolutely every occasion or thought! So, looking at the WAC and RCW for building permits is this:

One-story detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet, and provided the structure complies with the building setback requirements set forth in Title 17 of this code governing zoning and Title 18 of this code governing critical area protection.

I know, I know, "...blah blah blah..." right? But, it breaks down to I can have a home up to 200 sf and not get a building permit. Yep, that's for me. Reading on further, it also means a 'playhouse' is exempt from property taxes. (I don't want to bore people with codes cuz only a politican would care.) However, no major annual property taxes sounds solid and extremely intelligent...This does not:


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  2. I am fascinated...simply fascinated.
    Nancy (MCTD/LDN woman)