Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still Looking

With the rains this week (Dec 27th - 30th), I had time to spend seeking my homestead land again. I have limited funds for the land so my options are small. But, I think, even if I had unlimited funds...I wouldn't want to spend millions on raw earth. I still believe it should be free for the taking if it's just laying there :)  Again, my simplistic mind at work.
Standing at the river looking towards the road.

I found two parcels of about 8 acres combined side-by-side in a land far, far away from where I call home today. I drove 2 hours to get there in the downpour. When my dog, Shin'tu, and I arrived, we walked around enjoying the quiet of the area.

The SF Chehalis runs through the property which is a huge plus. It's surrounded by distant hills, other CSA farms and rural life seems very settled here.
SF Chehalis runs in and back out of the property.

I just cringe at moving to another far away land where I know absolutely no one. I've been a gypsy my whole life and I wonder if at my age, I shouldn't stop roaming. So, I'll pray on this land (I can't seem to get it out of my mind) and trust the Yahweh again will lead me to lay down in green pastures.

I ache to dig my fingers into the earth and build my cob home. I have signed up for 2 workshops in Coquille, Oregon at Cob Cottage Company. The first is a Rocket Mass Heater workshop that I will be using to heat not only my home (and guest cottage); but, also to run through the floors (can you say radiant heating).

The second workshop will be building a cob structure and learning as much as possible about framing, installing windows, doors, and the beam roof. Very Very Exciting!

So, I find the I strong enough to relocated to yet another new community? We'll see.

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