Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life So Far

So far, no land have I purchased.
So far, monies are getting low because Washington state hasn't sent a single Unemployment Check. I ask myself why do I pay into this program if getting paid when unemployed is not an option? I receive letters in abundance telling me my application is being reviewed, or I can't get paid cuz I'm in school (who said I was in school and no, I didn't click that option). I got a letter saying my benefits were being reduced cuz I worked (when did I work?). I think the Unemployment Program has become a scam. I can't find land to buy. Everything is overpriced or over-exaggerated. When I had no money saved, there was awesome land everywhere. Now, there's nothing but junk. I'm completely dejected. :( So I'll post a pretty picture to brighten my day.

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