Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wood Stove vs. Rocket Mass Heater

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  1. How to burn wood efficiently and cleanly. This is truly sustainable heat. I cannot think of any form of heat that is more sustainable. After all, this is just burning the twigs and branches that naturally fall of the trees in your yard. This may be the biggest thing that can possibly be done to save energy or save electricity.

    Ernie Wisner, a wood stove designer in portland, oregon, compares a rocket mass heater to a conventional wood stove.

    He used to heat his home with four cords of wood with a wood stove and now burns a half cord of wood each year. He now burns tree trimmings.

    In this video he give us a tour on how the rocket mass heater holds heat throughout the night and into the next day while the wood stove required constant feeding. My other videos dive into the tutorial aspect.

    music by Jimmy Pardo