Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chickens Rule

I didn't get my land. Between insurance companies refusing to pay medical bills and not being able to work cuz my elbows are blown out - well, funds are dwindling and I can do nothing about it.

It's not that I don't want my paid-for land and build a pay-as-I-go house; but, for now, I've got a little cottage in Grayland. It's on-grid with a dishwasher,
washer and dryer, jetted tub and a view of the cranberry bogs. My rent is cheaper than in the RV Park - but I'll probably make up for the discount in electric bills. So, all the lights are always off (i love candles and see no reason to see beyond my immediate locale).

I got permission to build a chicken coop and raise chickens. So, with the loving help of my new sister, Diane; and her wonderful husband, Dave, I got a chicken coop. They drove 227 miles - that's 4 hours 7 minutes - to build me a coop. Amazing, right. The coop they built is quirky, home-spun and absolutely the most beautiful coop I've ever seen! It's built with all re-cycled wood and shingles for the roof. It's built with love. My first step in self-sufficiency is built!
My next step toward egg-sufficiency is the chickens. So, the answer is: the chicken comes first! My friend of two years or so, Janell, donated her girls to my farm. She has 9 hens that need a home...and if I take them all, she'll toss in the feed she has! Well, no need to think twice about this - I accept.

After getting a few supplies (feed, hay, wood shavings), my visiting grandson, granddaughter, and her friend, and I all run over to gather our new brood. Boo, my grandson (aka Sebastian) was critical in grabbing them and putting them into a crate in the back seat of my car. I think he single-handedly got all but one in the car. So, they're here, those chickens. They live mostly in the back yard; but, I get a kick out of them following me around to the front and next door to dig in the dirt. They are funny, stupid, entertaining beyond all tv shows and stupid.

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