Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elma Property - My First Offer

So, I found a pretty nice piece of land in Elma, Washington. It's 5 acres of pretty flat land. Not a lot of work to clear for homesteading.

I'm liking this. The bldg on the far left belongs to the neighbours.
I contacted my life-long friend (brother), Timmy, to act as my rep and deal with the agents on my behalf. I hope to hear back from him some time this week!

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  1. My hopes for this property went out the window with a phone call from Timmy...

    The neighbors don't want anyone living here. They're a bit of back-water hicks and have sabotaged other who have viewed the property, from diverting a culvert to drain on the land, to padlocking the gate so people can't get in.

    I have owned a home next to undesirable neighbors before and it is not a life I ever want to experience again.

    SO! With that, I'm back to seeking my homestead site.