Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small House Movement? What the heck is that?

For me, it started with a book called, Twelve by Twelve A One-Room Cabin Off the Grid & Beyond the American Dream. I ordered it from my library and couldn't put it down. This doctor lives in a one-room 12' x 12' home off-grid.

Here's a post about this book.

I'll put it like this: We work our butts off every day to buy a monstrous house - a 30-year mortgage is considered a 'normal' way of life. Think about that: THIRTY YEARS of daily labor to live! Really?

And then there's the recent epidemic of huge, multi-roof line houses. Some call them McMansions: cheaply made 3000 sq ft of living space. What does it take to heat it? Oh, $300 a month? What does this do to our environment? What is the footprint on the planet? What the heck kind of daily grind do I have to do for this....this mansion?

When I read the 12x12 book, it gave me the belief that I'm not a nut (or at least not the only nut). It let me know that my desires to get away from the madness of traffic jams, urban insanity, corporate greed, and political wrecklessness was being realized all over the country. So, in the words of Howard Zinn, "...the world has gone topsy-turvy!" and leaving the madness isn't so strange afterall.

Check out the Tiny House Movement by visiting these websites. No, it might not be for everyone; but, then, neither are McMansions!   :)


Dennis' Tiny Cabin in the Woods

EZ Log Structures

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