Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finding the Right Property

So, with money stashed for my adventure, it has to begin with land.

This is not so easy. First, I don't want to homestead in Westport - my darling little coastal community that I've called home for 10 years. Why?

Well, it's on a sandbar and about 1' above sea level: this means any earth tremors will cause Westport to disappear off the planet. Also, the soil isn't...its mostly sand. There's a fine layer of dirt, sure. But I want the deep dirt allowing me to dig a root cellar, underground cache for storing foods, etc.

So, to begin my journey, I did about 8 months of homework on finding the perfect place to homestead. There are a lot of books, blogs, articles and crap on finding the right place, how to build a permaculture and how to buy cheap land.

All future properties will be compared to this one.
After all my homework was stuffed into my head - I found the perfect spot: 21 acres nestled up against a hillside out North River area. LOVE IT!

The picture here shows the old huge barn on it. The rest of the property is vacant. I fell in love with this immediately. That hillside behind the barn also belongs to the property, along with a creek (a trib to Smith Creek).

I'll take it, right! After calling the selling agent and finding out they'll settle for $119k, I left my heart behind and continued my search.


  1. well, well, well. Good for you. It's 1am and i couldn't sleep so i hopped on Facebook and saw your blog.
    What a great idea. I've always wanted to do that very thing. Except I got kids and that mortgage you were talking about and here i am, 68 and no where to go.
    I keep using the excuse that when jan retires we will sell our albatross and head for south america. good luck. she's afraid to retire and we couldn't sell if we wanted to.
    I'm counting on you to show me the way, susie. Now i'll never get to sleep...

  2. :P You're my first post!

    I'm so excited and I can hardly wait!